Empower Your Life To Achieve Your Dreams!

Do you know where you want to be going in life?  Do you have goals you want to achieve and a lifestyle you want to live that is different than you have now?  We all have exactly the same 24 hours a day.  How you are spending those 24 hours is either moving you toward those LifePoints or away from them.

What are LifePoints?  They are those things in life that spark your interest, catch your attention and keep coming up again & again even if derailed for a time by life itself.   These are your Lifepoints.  These are the things that excite you, drive you and inspire you.  Most people have 3-4 major LifePoints that touch their heart and soul.  Usually Family, Where they Live and what they actually spend their time doing and how they are able to afford living the live they dream of.

Your LifePoints are as unique as you are.  What really moves us is created by our backgrounds, our experiences, loves lost and won and many times, great loss in our lives.  LifePoints are as individual as each individual human being.  No one can tell you what yours are or set them for you.  Through much self-reflection, personal growth & loss if my own life, I’ve learned to never TELL other’s what theirs are.  That’s why not all motivational books and programs work for all people.

Sit back, relax, breath deeply and think about HOW YOU could see yourself making these dreams become a reality?  Just relax and let yourself dream.  You have ideas and plans inside of you that will pour out.  It most likely will not be a perfect plan at this point.  It doesn’t matter.  Let it flow.  Don’t get too bogged down in the details or you’ll talk yourself right out of your own goals and dreams.

As children, we are encourage to spend time just daydreaming and imagining what your lives will be like as we mature.  As adults, we’re taught that it’s a waste of time.  How wrong those naysayers are!  Dreaming of the possibilities is what keeps people inventing, moving forward during challenging times.  Spending time visualizing and literally feeling your dream is what keeps that spark alive in your heart.  Indulge yourself in dreamtime and you will open your mind to all kinds of possibilities.

Just as there is no “right” goals and dreams to have, there are no “right” ways to achieve them!  YOU can and will find the path that is right for you if you INVEST time in YOURSELF to dream to discover your LifePoints and then keep your life pointed in that direction.  Will you get off course?  Sure!  Will you feel discouraged?  Of Course!  Everyone does and we will address those issues in various blogs.  Right now, you need to EMPOWER YOUR LIFE AND FEED YOUR DREAMS!


Now get STOP Dreaming and START PLANNING!

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